Hi everyone,

I’ve been kinda stumped lately about what I should write about in posts so if you guys are looking for a post about a certain subject and you can’t find one or you would like my opinion about something then please leave a comment saying what it is. Thanks for all of the comments you’ve already given me to.

Bye for now.


Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog.

cupcakeI was wondering what are your top three favorite desserts? It can be anything from fruit tarts to Nanaimo bars and wagon wheels. I was also wondering if you have a top three desserts that you don’t like, such as cheese cake, sorry to those who do like cheese cake but I don’t care for it to I will eat it thought.

Well if you were wondering my favorite desserts are:

  1. Chocolate moose cake
  2. Apple cinnamon crepes
  3. Lemon meringue pie

And the ones I don’t like are:

  1. Cheese cake
  2. Nanaimo bars
  3. Rum balls

Bye for now and please leave a comment with your answers.

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My Side of the Mountain

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.
In the last few weeks my class has been having book clubs for different books and everyone had to participate in at least one book club, the book I read was My Side of the Mountain. After we read our books we had to write a glog, for those of you who don’t know what a glog is, it’s like a blog except that your can move the paragraphs around and change the angle they’re on. Well any ways this is the glog I wrote.

For the larger version of this glog please click here.

What Blogging Means To Me

What blogging means to me? I really don’t know. Well it’s something I do SANY0011-stu_wp's photostreamwith out thinking, I know I’m blogging but it’s just something I don’t think about that often some people have the same thing happen to them but for different things. OK I’m kinda off topic I’ll have to think about it for a few minutes… OK blogging is a place for talking to and meeting other people, so I guess I kinda like blogging. So that’s my answer, I like blogging.
Be free to tell me if you like blogging too I’d happy to no your opinion.
Bye for now.

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10 Things I Like To Do

paint 10- holeymoon's photostreamHi bloggers and welcome to blog.

Today I’m Going to talk about ten things that I think are fun to do in my opinion here they are:

  1. Going outside and playing with friends and playing on a playground and casing each other.
  2. Having a sleep-over with my best friends at one of our houses and staying up all night watching movies and playing games.
  3. Sitting some where quiet and reading a book for usually about twenty minutes to an hour or more.
  4. Laying some where comfy and listening to some of my favorite song’s.
  5. Going outside and playing a short game of soccer with friends for a short while then relaxing.
  6. Playing with my pet chinchilla on the coach or my lap.
  7. Painting a picture when I have one in my mind and when I have room in my sketch pad.
  8. Riding my bike up to a park by my house and swinging on the swings or playing with the kids that live around there if their out.
  9. Watching some of my favorite movies and T.V. shows on the family computer if my Mom isn’t playing on her face book farm or cafe and my dad isn’t looking at car or motorbike pictures and videos.
  10. Playing mystery and puzzle games on my DS when I’m in my room laying on my bed or laying lazily on the coach.

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A Post About a Post

Hi everyone,

I’m just writing this short post quickly to let you know that I added a picture to my Halloween post and was wondering if it looks more appealing or eye catching to you. If it does look more appealing then feel free to comment and let me know and if not please tell me how I can make it better. You can go to the post I edited by clicking this link Halloween. Thank you. Riannah.