Hello fellow bloggers, and welcome.

Santa Ornamant By averywehner's photostreamNow that I’ve said hello I’m going to tell you about what happens at my house on Christmas and about all my families Christmas traditions.

On Christmas Ev my family and I  have a big huge supper of different types of breads, cheeses and meats.

After we eat me, my sister and my Dad go out side and wait in the van while Mom takes for ever to get her shoes on, but is probably putting all the presents under the tree. Finally Mom comes out of the house and gets in the car, we start to go as soon as she’s in the van because we can’t wait to go and have a look at the Christmas lights and decorations everyone has put out.

After we finish looking at some of the cool houses on Candy Cane Lane and a few around are neighborhood we come home, all of us tired.

My sister and I go upstairs all exited because we now there are presents under the tree. It’s really annoying after me and my sister see the presents because our parents make us wait a little bit in till we’ve been home for a little while then they say we can open them. The way we open presents at my house is I pick a present for my Mom or Dad and my sister does the same thing, then they open there presents they pick ones for us to open then eventually we end up just opening all are our presents.

On Christmas day my family and I get up at around 7:30 or sometimes later and have left overs from supper last night for supper. Then after we’re done breakfast we open our stockings. And that’s what happens at me house on Christmas, although we sometimes go down to Victoria to have Christmas with are other relatives at are grandma and grandpa’s house.

Be free to leave a comment telling me what you are doing for Christmas and what your tradition’s are.

Bye for now.

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Count Three Out

Hi everybody,

Are you taking place in Miss Wyatt’s blogging challenge?
 I am, what my class has to do is go to Miss Wyatt’s Blog , at the bottom of the Challenge Week 8 post then click on the link that says September participants page then I clicked on a random blog, under grade 8, then clicked on a link on that blog then commented. The blogs I went to were Room227 which is an other class blog like Huzzah but they have it set up different, to Ocea’s blog her blog is mostly about what’s happening to her, it has some personal opinion and it has her voice. I think thats why I like her blog, I mean shesreally writing her words and thoughts into her posts. Most of the time you can really hear her voice.
 Then I went to Ridge’s blog. His blog is like Ocea’s blog, it has some personal opinions and he talks about what is going on in his life the post I commented on was “spoons”. Do you know what the spoons game is? If  you do how to play it? I really liked their blogs, probaly because I like it when peopleare creative and I think their very creative when it comes to posts, I mean they don’t just wright about one thing or school they talk about  and I think you might to.

When I Grow Up

WaitingWhen I grow up I would like to be a vet. I think I probably want to be a vet because I really like animals and I don’t like seeing them sick it just makes me sad and I wish I could help them, so I guess I want to become a vet so I can help them. Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever wish you could help some one or something but you couldn’t?

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 Have you seen the movie called, UP?up-1I have, but I thought it was kinda sad at the end of the movie when the older guy, sorry I forgot his name, starts looking at his adventure book and he starts to close it then he sees a picture and opened it again to near the back of the book and reads his wife’s note. Did you think that part was sad?

 I also thought it was really funny when the lead dogs voice went squeaky and his head got stuck in the cone, I think it suit’s him right but I kinda feel sorry for him.

What are your favorite part in the movie?