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I’ve been kinda stumped lately about what I should write about in posts so if you guys are looking for a post about a certain subject and you can’t find one or you would like my opinion about something then please leave a comment saying what it is. Thanks for all of the comments you’ve already given me to.

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If You Want Peace Work For Justice

“If you want peace, work for justice”

I don’t agree with this statement because a lot of the time justice doesn’t make peace but hatred. Justice isn’t always fair because justice is perspective, it’s the perspective of what some one thinks is good and what other people who don’t think of as injustice or bad. I think if you want peace that you should open up a program that any one can join and do some community service or organize a fund raiser and send the money to Haiti.

Do you agree with this statement?


Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog.

cupcakeI was wondering what are your top three favorite desserts? It can be anything from fruit tarts to Nanaimo bars and wagon wheels. I was also wondering if you have a top three desserts that you don’t like, such as cheese cake, sorry to those who do like cheese cake but I don’t care for it to I will eat it thought.

Well if you were wondering my favorite desserts are:

  1. Chocolate moose cake
  2. Apple cinnamon crepes
  3. Lemon meringue pie

And the ones I don’t like are:

  1. Cheese cake
  2. Nanaimo bars
  3. Rum balls

Bye for now and please leave a comment with your answers.

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My Side of the Mountain

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.
In the last few weeks my class has been having book clubs for different books and everyone had to participate in at least one book club, the book I read was My Side of the Mountain. After we read our books we had to write a glog, for those of you who don’t know what a glog is, it’s like a blog except that your can move the paragraphs around and change the angle they’re on. Well any ways this is the glog I wrote.

For the larger version of this glog please click here.


Hello fellow blogger(s),


I hope your having a good day so far, I know I sure am. Well I was wondering if you think a seed is a live or dead? What mad

e me want to ask you was, my class had a debate and two people stood in front of the class they were Riley and Mason. Riley was saying the seed was dead and Mason was saying the seed was alive. What my thinking on this topic was  the shell on the outside is dead, the inside is is alive, there is also a layer of food in side the shell and last but not least when you put a seed in water in soaks up enough of it so the shell breaks and then the inside of the seed, the part that’s alive can start to grow into a plant.

I would love to know what your thinking about if a seed is alive is. Please leave a comment on your thinking.

Bye for now.

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Earth Day Creativity

I skip along the path as happy as can be

I stop and look around for some where to sit

I see trees around me, some looking as if they’re about to fall down

I make a mental note not to lean on them

I keep on looking

I see trees in groups as if old friends talking to each other

I notice the moss on them and it reminds me of clothing

I look on and see log “it’s perfect” I say mentally

it had white mushrooms on the bottom of it but the top was striped of bark

and had what looked like tunnels cut in half

a bug must have done it when the bark was still on I thought

my silence broke and I heard a whistle blow three slow times

I got up from the log and skipped back

later I would go back, I smiled

Were I Belong

I open my eyes and stare out on the empty plain

I can hear the howl of the wind and I feel it on my bare arms,

it was a warm wind not not like a cold winter wind

I turned and looked behind me

I see nothing

I turned and looked in front of me again

I see something

I squint and I see, it’s a person

I blinked and squinted harder to see what looked like a small hill with legs

but as it comes closer I realize what it is

it’s my family

my Mom, my Dad, my sister and all friends

as I ran towards them the world around me changes

and I was back home in the arms of my friends, family and everyone I love

“I know where I belong.” I said out loud.


Hi everyone,

camouflageIn my class last year we did research on some of our family members. For the  research we had to find out where they were from and so I learned what my backgrounds are. they are, Swiss, South African, German, English, Scottish and Italian. What are your backgrounds? If you don’t know you should do some research on it and find out you mite be surprised where some people in your family can come from. Well if you do know where some people in your family come from please comment because I’d like to know where some other peoples family members are from. It would be interesting to find out.

Bye for now.

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Special Items

Hi every one I hope you’re having a good day so far,

Past Keeper-Clair Rose's photostreamWell the other day I was reading one of my books and I started to wounder, do I have some thing that is really special to me? And after I thought about it for a little while I started to play with a necklace I always wear, it is glass, it has a green lizard with lighter green arms and legs, dull yellow spots on its back, and is on a log. And I realized my necklace is something that’s special to me.

What’s something that’s special to you?

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